Soooo… How’s it going?

Hello everyone! 

I hope everybody is well into A Study in Scarlet now, and enjoying their reading. I certainly am enjoying it. 

I also hope that everyone is happy with how I’ve been running this blog, that I’ve been rebloging enough but not too much, and that you feel able and confident to contribute. I’m sorry if I haven’t rebloged something you’ve posted, the tag can be tricky, sometimes I know there have been new posts but it won’t show them to me. Sorry if I’ve missed anything that should have been rebloged, you can always send me a message asking me to go to your blog and find the post. 

So yeah: this is basically just a short message to say hello and check that nobody is having problems, if there is anything you need help with or think I could improve on please drop me a note. 

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting very much in the way of “conversation starters,” I don’t want to make excuses but my work has been a little (and by little I, of course, mean hugely) trying these past couple of days. Oh look, I made excuses. Sorry.

Anyway. Talk to me for any reason, good or bad.