A Study in Saturday

(Which, if I’m being honest, should probably be titled: A Study in Why Haven’t You Quite Finished Reading the Book Yet You Darned Lazy Creature It’s Saturday. But the other one seemed more snappy.) 


So today marks the end of the first week of Holmes In 84 Days, and the conclusion of our  reading of A Study in Scarlet. Did everyone finish? I’m almost there: I’ve only got about five pages left, but I thought I had better make this post now. I hope everybody finished, and enjoyed themselves. 

Although, technically, as of today we should be reading and discussing The Sign of Four, I’d like to extend the discussion of A Study in Scarlet through this Monday, March 19th. This gives everybody time to post/submit/ask any final things regarding A Study in Scarlet. 

As of Tuesday, March 20th, this blog will be dedicated to all things Sign of Four-ian. So, if you have anything you wish to contribute regarding the first book, please do so quickly! From here on in, the pace is really going to pick up! 

If anyone wants to review the book, it would be great to get some different opinions of the story.

I Jefferson hope everyone enjoyed the book, and is still with me as we move into week two! (I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.)