So it appears I was wrong about the Jefferson Hope backstory being Watson’s writing, but I’m just as pleased by the cheeky little ending:

As to what occurred there, we cannot do better than quote the old hunter’s own account, as duly recorded in Dr. Watson’s Journal, to which we are already under such obligations.

It might just be me, but ACD’s writing is so genuinely funny and sort of sarcastic sometimes. It’s fun to read and I just love getting lost in his lovely storytelling. There’s not only humor in the characters and their dialogue, but just his writing in general. 

No, I agree: it is funny. Sometimes intentionally… Sometimes possibly not so intentionally…? For example, I genuinely laughed out loud when I read:

"Then mother’s a deader too," cried the little girl, dropping her face in her pinafore and sobbing bitterly.

Because, um, ” a deader.” Really, Arthur? “a deader?” Are we getting our adjectives and our nouns mixed up again? 

Sorry. No, in all seriousness, it is funny. That is one of my favourite things about the canon. Holmes also laughs more often than I remembered.

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